Fujita Lab, Ibaraki University

Welcome to
Water and Environmental Engineering Research Lab!
Our laboratory belongs to Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, Ibaraki University in Japan and is working on the following research topics in close collaboration with researchers addressing issues on Water Environment Studies at Ibaraki University and other universities/institutes.

(1) Development of environmental impact assessment using oxidative stress biomarkers in aquatic organisms
(2) Development of energy-independent biological wastewater treatment technology applicable for atoll islands, Central Pacific
(3) Assessment of anthropogenic impacts on coastal ecosystem in atoll islands, Central Pacific
(4) Development of adaptation strategies to sea level rise in urban atolls through conservation and rehabilitation of natural processes of island formation
(5) Development of a simple and economical phosphate removal technique for eutrophication control of lakes
(6) Development of detection method for aging water pipes using the elemental composition of suspended particles

We seek graduate students, Ph. D. and master's candidates, who are eager to study the relevant issues. Research students as potential graduate students are also welcome. So far, we have accepted graduate students from China, Viet Nam and Nepal. Feel free to make contact us if you are interested in our research activities.

Masafumi Fujita